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Professionally Enhance Your Venue Lighting Effects

Whether your venue is a concert or a stage performance, a banquet hall or a wedding venue, a theater or an outdoor landscape, or a bar, our 10 years of industry experience will help you start from “discussing requirement – designing lighting solutions – Installation and debugging-after-sales support” to comprehensively improve your lighting effects


1. Consultation

We precisely understand the unique needs of each event, ensuring our lighting solutions meet visual expectations while fitting budget and operational requirements, be it for concerts, theaters, or private parties.

2. Engineering Design

Upon request, we provide lighting CAD and structural drawings, detailing low voltage cabling, lighting loads, and rack elevations, essential for venue addressing electrical, structural, and mechanical requirements.

3. Installation Service

We provide lighting installation guidance services throughout the process, from fixing the lamp frame to embedding the lamps, and then debugging the lighting effects, professional engineers provide online guidance.

Step 1: Consultation

Together we will discuss whether the lighting solution will meet the needs of the site project, how cost-effective it will be, and whether it will be easy to install and maintain. There is also a specific display of the lighting effects that customers are concerned about, a detailed breakdown of the cost budget, the installation process and subsequent maintenance services.

lighting consultation
customize lighting project

Step 2: Customize Project

Our professional designers will make detailed plans for the lighting distribution in each part of the project, detailing the distribution position of each light and the effect of the lighting. Help customers fully consider the following:

Clarification of requirements: What kind of atmosphere does the project’s activities/space need? Is it warm and romantic, or modern and technological?

Budget scope: What is the budget for the project? How does the program maximize this budget?

Installation details: Is the installation process complicated? Does it require special maintenance or operations?

Technical support: When problems arise, is there fast technical support and after-sales service?

Durability: How long will the lighting fixture last? How to ensure long-term quality?

customize lighting project

Step 3: CAD Lighting Diagram Design

According to the lighting project planning, 3D three-dimensional modeling is used to refine the lighting effect drawing. Help customers solve the following questions:
Space layout: CAD drawings provide a precise view of the space layout, helping clients understand the specific location of lighting fixtures in the space and how they interact with other elements of the venue.

Lighting effect preview: By simulating lighting effects, customers can preview the lighting effects on different occasions to ensure that the final effect meets expectations.

Detailed explanation of technical parameters: CAD drawings list the technical parameters of lighting equipment in detail, including light source type, power, beam angle, etc., to help customers understand the performance and role of each equipment.

Installation and wiring guidance: Detailed guidance on how to install lighting equipment and wiring is provided to ensure the smooth progress of on-site construction.

CAD Lighting
Lighting Installation and Debug

Step 4: Installation And Debug

Our project installation engineers with many years of experience will record installation videos in advance, as well as precautions for customers’ reference to solve problems they encounter during the installation process; they can even guide the installation online in real time, so even novices without any experience can easily get started. 

Regarding lighting effect debugging, our professional team will guide and track the debugging throughout the process.
Dimming accuracy: Ensures that the brightness and color of all lighting equipment can be accurately adjusted to meet the specific needs of the event.
Consistency of lighting effects: Check and adjust lighting to ensure that the overall effect is consistent, with no jarring flares or shadows.
Remote control system settings: Configure a lighting control system so that operators can remotely control all lighting equipment to improve efficiency.

Lighting Installation and Debug

Step 5: Maintenance Services

For issues such as debugging and lighting failures, our customer service or technical staff will respond as soon as possible;

About equipment maintenance services:
Regular inspection: Provide regular lighting equipment inspection services to ensure that all equipment is operating normally and potential problems are discovered and repaired in a timely manner.
Emergency repair service: When equipment fails, respond quickly to customers’ emergency repair needs and minimize activity interruption time.

Lighting Maintenance

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